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Melanie and Terry, Massachusetts - 03/08/2014


Hi Jackie,
Just want to touch base with you and thank you for all your special attention and guidance with the puppies you have sent us.  This is Lady Guinevere II in her St. Patty’s Day outfit.  You and your husband are great to work with and have been very flexible in delivering the pups to my sister, Laurie.  Our two girls, Lady Guinevere II and Lady Giselle and really settling in and love each other’s company.  Thanks again for beautiful puppies!
Melanie and Terry, Massachusetts

Lady Guinevere II




Mary Ferragine - 1/29/14


Diamond is so much fun ,really cute personality , loves to play, loves everybody, and very well rounded. She especially loves her big sister , Diva. They make a perfect match! They entertain each other playing all day long. Diva is so sweet and Diamond is just as sweet, they are our dream come true. We truly enjoy these beautiful bichons. Thank you and thank you for keeping us so informed during her stormy flight. We were very impressed with you as well as the airlines. It was handled very ,very well. Much appreciated.  
Mary and Jim 


Susan Barnett - 9/04/13


Date: 9/04/2013
Subject: My bichon from you

Just wanted to tell you my baby I got from you (in Ohio) in March 2007 is fantastic  - he was born on 12/24/06 - his parents were Peggy and Topper - h e is the 2nd bichon from you - my first was born Nov 1992 - I believe his dad was Lyndale Naughty but Nice - Thank you so much - the joy from these two guys is immeasurable!
Susan Barnett
The pic here looks just like my Bailey!


Darlene Utskot - 9/02/13

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Date: 9/2/2013 3:24 PM
From: Darlene Utskot

Subject: Remi

Jackie - Here is a pic of our sweet little Remi, aka Andrew. I got him from you last Nov. He was born on Oct 8. He is an amazing little friend. When we lost our other Bichon on July 1 to congestive heart failure due to a very bad heart murmur, Remi stepped up to the plate immediately to become top dog with all its duties. He is exactly 10 lbs like you said he would be, and a special little buddy. Thanks again! Darlene Utskot



Cristina Bebout - Iowa - 08/17/13

We are so glad we searched and found Lonestar Bichons!  From the moment we picked up the phone and spoke to Jackie about purchasing our little Bichon, it went so smooth and seamless!  Hobby arrived at Des Moines airport bright, eager eyed, and ready to play! He is such a lover and loves playing and definitely keeps us entertained all the time!   Everything you told us about him was spot on! When we took him to our local vet we were told that he was so very well taken care of and a perfect Bichon Frise puppy!   Our previous Bichon was named Buckwheat, so Hobby's now known as Spanky!   If we ever decide to add another Bichon to our  "Little Rascals" we will definitely contact you again!  Thank you again for making this experience so wonderful, and for our beautiful Spanky!

Sent from my iPad

The Bebout Family


Gail Sprangers - Massachusetts - 6/29/13

Thank you both for a beautiful puppy. I can honestly say I have never seen such care and attention when purchasing a puppy as I did from you. Our puppy arrived safely and was clean and healthy. After initial shyness, as you prepared me for, from the flight(which by the way was chosen and followed closely by you and provided with exceptional care and safety), she became a gentle, frolicking and playful girl. We are a dog loving family and the evening of her arrival, which is family night at our house, she was greeted by 10 adults and 5 other dogs and puppies! Not the perfect situation for a puppy just acclimating herself to a new home. Under very watchful eye, she pranced and ran and played with them as if they had been together all along. I had just lost my mom that week and Ariel, now named “Daisy” after my mother’s favorite flower, has helped to fill our saddened hearts with much joy. She is one of two puppies we now have and when we brought them to our vets, he commented on the quality of care you provided to her. He mentioned she was in perfect health all the way down to her nail clipping! You mentioned that you only want to provide quality puppies because you value a good reputation and you certainly hold true to that. Not only would I wholeheartedly recommend you to any of my dearest friends if they want a bichon, but I won’t look anywhere else myself if I should ever want to purchase another. With Respect and Warmest Gratitude, Gail Sprangers Massachusetts.



Cher renamed Peyton

We cannot express how in love with our puppy Peyton purchased from Jackie. She is everything Jackie said she was and more. We had been on the search for a pet unsure of exactly what we wanted. We found the Bichon, did some research on breeders and found Jackie. Never had done this on the internet, we were leary, Jackie delivered. We would recommend her and her Bichons highly. Thank you Jackie. K and G

Reviewer: Gwyn,


Jim and Mary Ferragine - Pennsylvania 3/27/2013


I want to let everyone know just how wonderful you both were through this entire experience, and how this little angel reached far beyond our expectations. She is absolutely perfect. She is so good and so smartcute and sweet. She isn't at all strange with us. Loves to play and cuddle. I get a kick out of her. If she is snoozing I try to tip toe out of the room and she wakes up and is right behind me. She loves Jim too. We will have to send you a picture of your little Texas girl in the snow! ha! We just have a little on the ground. She has eaten good for us, drinks water, and goes on the paper or outside when she has to. Never even cried last night. We all slept. I tell you it was love at first sight. Jim and I are both just in awe over this amazing sweet little creature who bravely flew all the way from Texas to live with us here in Pennsylvania. We are blessed.Jim is out now buying her puppy food that you suggested and some other things for her. We are over joyed. We have three names picked out we are deciding on." Diva Darlin", I always loved how everyone in Texas says hey  "darlin!" Paris is the other , and I loved her mama's name actually, Posey, and I also like Lily because she reminds us of a delicate little flower so precious , and Lily is also an Easter flower, and it is Easter. Knowing her better than we do since you raised her since she was born ,which of those do you think fits her best? I like them all. It's Jim and I trying to agree! haha. he is as in awe of her as we are. Oh, and once again, I can't speak highly enough of both of you, it was a wonderful experience , stressful , but wonderful. She was so worth it.  Whatever we should decide to call her , she is perfect. Thanks again, Mary


Noel & Sally Wegher - Michigan 3/27/2013


Hi Jackie,

Noel and I would like to tell you how pleased we are with our new addition, Bernard P. Fife, aka Manly.

This is our second Bichon from JD Bichons (now "Lone Star Bichons") and we can not say enough. Our first from 2009 was a beautiful boy that we named Andrew Jackson Taylor. I can't tell you how many compliments we receive on him. How exceptional of a Bichon he is.

Bernard arrived yesterday at Detroit Metro Airport and made the flight just fine from Houston. He is energetic, loving and becoming familiar with his new surroundings and brothers.

We thank you very much.......for everything!!!! We would recommend JD Bichons (Lone Star Bichons) to everyone we know.

Warm Regards,

Sally and Noel Wegher


Cindy Russell - 8/14/2012


Hello Jackie,

Thought you may enjoy seeing your Dewey boy out of Jake and Fantasia

He is something special for sure!!!


Polly Byrne - 1/16/2013



I purchased a female bichon from you in 4/1/2007. Tomorrow Brandy will be six, We absolutely love her and would like a breed line sister for her. Please let me know if you have any puppies available. My cell is xxx-xxx-xxxx, home xxx-xxx-xxxx. Another email is

Thank you

Polly Byrne